Financial Accounting and Reporting Services

Financial Accounting and Reporting Services

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Argon was formed to provide industry-leading financial accounting and reporting services to its clients. Our clients benefit not only from the industry-specific and subject matter expertise of our professionals, but also from the technology and tools we employ including industry-recognized accounting research engines and other proprietary tools.

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Financial Process Outsourcing Services

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With the ever-changing business and regulatory environment and the need for trust in the U.S. and other capital markets, it has become more important than ever for business leaders to evaluate and enhance their current risk management and internal audit functions. Our professionals will help you develop a comprehensive approach to business and financial risk management and the internal audit function.

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Audit Leadership Services

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In addition to serving emerging companies and large SEC registrants across a variety of industries, we provide audit leadership services to local and regional CPA firms throughout the country. Many of our professionals began their careers in the audit practices of large international accounting firms and other highly regarded “Top 100” CPA firms.

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Strategic Financial Advisory Services

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Our Financial Advisory Service professionals bring a wide range of financial and business experience to assist business owners and their advisors in the analysis of corporate transactions, financial performance, capital structures, and business strategies. We offer a complete range of services that help our clients clearly understand their business, competitive strategy, or a particular transaction from a financial perspective. Our professionals deliver comprehensive, detailed, and practical analyses to assist our clients with unique business and financial challenges.

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